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Building Energy

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From heaters to air conditioning units, from stove tops to light fixtures, our buildings perform many energy-intensive tasks for us. Building energy use accounts for over 20% of Seattle’s greenhouse gas emissions. We need your help to choose the most important building energy-related actions to take in the next three years.

Review the Building Energy recommendations below.

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Vote for the top actions the City should take in the next three years related to Building Energy.

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Comment from Kate Neville
Time February 11, 2013 at 12:11 pm

I do not support mandatory energy benchmarking for small, multi-family buildings. I spent HOURS trying to comply with this regulation last year and I was so relieved when they made it optional. Small buildings do not have property management companies, or professional staff with the know-how to do this!! This leaves it to the hapless residents to spend their free time/work time trying to navigate EPA’s insanely complicated Web site! Please have mercy on the average citizen and do not mandate benchmarking. Thank you.

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