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Plan-Wide Recommendations

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Review the Plan-wide recommendations below.

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Comment from James Adcock
Time January 16, 2013 at 6:33 am

Seattle continues its actions of “greenwashing” the climate change problem by pretending that the actions of Seattle can be analyzed — or solved — independently from the rest of the state. For example while Seattle City Light has particularly clean electricity, when Seattle wastes this electricity — for example by promoting electric baseboard heating over more efficient heating choices — this increases the amount of dirty electricity being generated for the rest of the state and the PNW. In addition any climate actions that Seattle takes are being completely overwhelmed by the planned additional to coal terminals in Washington State — even one of which causes (indirectly) more GHG pollution than all the private vehicles in Washington! Seattle needs to stop pretending that they can be “Zero GHG” in isolation to the rest of Washington and the PNW, and instead work together with State and PNW partners to make sure the ENTIRE region is being managed sensibly to preserve the lives, health and happiness of future generations.

Comment from ennie
Time January 28, 2013 at 9:14 am

It honestly took me a lot of time and digging to get to this page. If you want more feedback, I suggest shouting from the rooftops a little more…get the URL out there…

Comment from Michael Foster
Time January 29, 2013 at 9:13 pm

I always get nervous when I hear that we don’t have to pit environmentalists against development, because that’s a pretty sure sign that we’re about to be sold a weak inadequate plan.
Nature doesn’t compromise, won’t negotiate, and has thresholds that we must not test if we want to preserve a planet like the one I grew up on. Does this plan commit to in excess of 6% fossil fuel emission reductions each year for the next few decades? Does the plan detail how we are going to get other communities to adopt a 6% annual reduction target? If it does not, then we are just making ourselves feel good, but we’ll never see 350ppm CO2 again.
A measurable annual goal requires us to hit the target. And if we miss, we know how much harder we have to work next year. Otherwise it’s just greenwashing while we sell out on our kids’ chance to stabilize climate.

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