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Another Community Power Works Success story!

MulleadysLocal Irish Pub Mulleady’s recently signed up to receive an energy upgrade through the City’s energy efficiency upgrade program, Community Power Works.

Magnolia business owner Travis Stanley Jones runs Mulleady’s Irish Pub on tight margins, and he has managed to stay mostly in the black through the long economic downturn. However, one nagging issue is the performance of his equipment. He explains: “If your car breaks down, that’s going to be a big deal for you, right? Well, I essentially have five ‘cars’ in my kitchen: the refrigerators, oven, dishwasher, and fryer. If any of those break down, I’m in the red.”

When Travis heard about Community Power Works, he thought the program is seemed “almost too good to be true.” After an energy assessment revealed how much energy and money Jones could save, he signed on with Community Power Works contractor Batt + Lear to upgrade the kitchen with high efficiency ENERGY STAR ™ equipment. While the total project costs ring up at $28,000, utility and Community Power Works rebates will cover 60 percent of that, and Jones will finance the rest with a low interest loan from local lender Craft3. The upgrades are projected to reduce the pub’s annual energy consumption by 50,000 kWh and lower its energy bills by $3,000 each year.

Mulleady’s energy upgrade will begin just after the St. Patty’s Day rush. The pub joins 17 other restaurants and grocery stores upgrading their establishments through Community Power Works for Small Business. Community Power Works also provides energy upgrade opportunities for Seattle homeowners, working with more than 2,000 families so far. Find out more