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Greener Sports Events

Green Sports Alliance logoMaybe you’ve thought to yourself as you tossed an empty cup or bag of peanut shells into the garbage at a sporting event, Wow, if all the people here could put this in a food waste bin instead, that’d mean a lot less garbage in the landfill. Much of it could be turned into something more useful, like compost.

Good news! Many of our region’s sports organizations, including the Seattle Sounders, Seahawks, Mariners, Storm, Vancouver Canucks, and Portland Trail Blazers, are founding members of the Green Sports Alliance, with 160 teams and venues working to create less waste at sporting events. In addition to the teams, many of our sports facilities also helped found the Alliance, including Century Link Field, Safeco Field and the Key Arena. Together, they and other teams and venues across the nation are finding ways to have less of an impact on the environment.

The Seattle Channel did a Daily Short video on the Northwest’s participation in the Green Sports Alliance. You can learn more about changes our teams are making to be more sustainable, such as compostable beverage cups, food waste collection and energy efficiency measures. So next time you’re enjoying your favorite sporting event, think about how you can take actions to contribute to these efforts, too!