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Gardening and Tree Questions? Get help!

Man gardening in raised bedGardening is fun, but it has its share of puzzles! The City of Seattle has a lot of resources to help you keep your yard a healthy green place that benefits you, your community and the environment.

  • First up, our good friends, trees. They need some special attention now and then to thrive in our urban environment, but they will thank you by making your yard more beautiful, the air cleaner and even improve the value of your home. Your first stop is the Seattle reLeaf website. You can find information about planting and care of trees, as well as various tree regulations. Don’t see the answer to your question? Swing by the Ask an Expert archive and then if you still have questions, submit it!
  • Next up, veggie gardening. It’s great to grow your own food (can’t get much more local than your yard), but there are some things you should know. “Growing Food in the City” is a great resource on Seattle Public Utilities’ food gardening page. You’ll also want to check out information about growing food in the planting strip. Don’t have a yard? Try growing things on your balcony or see about getting a P-patch. There are 82 of them in various Seattle neighborhoods.
  • Pesky pest problems? Before you reach for a bug- or weed-killing spray, check out these tips on natural pest and weed disease control – these practices will help you achieve a healthier, more balanced backyard “ecosystem” in the long run.
  • After all that, is your green thumb feeling a little blue because you have a problem you can’t quite get to the bottom of? Give the Garden Hotline a call at (206) 633-0224 or email them It’s a great resource.