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Help Shape Pedestrian Retail Areas in Seattle

Photo of a Pedestrian Retail AreaDPD would like your input on the Pedestrian Retail Areas Mapping Project, a study to promote more walkable neighborhood business districts in several areas of the city. This project, conducted at the City Council’s request, would involve adding a pedestrian zone designation to existing Neighborhood Commercial Zones. We are also considering adding new rules in pedestrian zones (such as wider sidewalks and overhead weather protection) that would apply to both existing and new pedestrian areas.

Pedestrian retail areas are important because they provide locations for businesses that serve neighborhood residents’ daily needs. They play a key role in creating safe neighborhoods where you would want to live, work, and shop. A pedestrian zone designation is intended to protect an existing pedestrian-oriented retail district, or encourage the development of a new district.

DPD has completed an initial analysis and prepared  preliminary recommendations to kick-off a discussion with the community. Information is available on the project website with an accompanying survey.

DPD  wants to hear from you! Please review the materials posted on the project website, fill out the urvey and contact DPD if you or your organization would like to discuss the project in more detail.

You can submit comments or questions to:

Aly Pennucci, Senior Planner, DPD
(206) 386-9132