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Be Part of The Big Picture for Puget Sound!

PSstartshereFor Earth Day this year, the City of Seattle and our partners invite you to participate in The Big Thing, an easy and fun way to show your commitment to our planet and our region’s health on Earth Day.

Each of us has our own love and connection to Puget Sound – whether it be the creeks, lakes, rivers or forests. Our water is the lifeblood of the beautiful Puget Sound region, from the snowy peaks to the briny deep, and everything in between.

We know that our small and simple daily actions matter in the overall health of the Puget Sound region. From picking up dog poop to building rain gardens we show our commitment to our water.

By participating in The Big Thing on Earth Day (April 22) you can demonstrate how we are all connected to water in the Puget Sound. We can show how small and simple actions done by millions of people can save Puget Sound.

What is The Big Thing?

We’re building The Big Thing!

Take a photo of something you love about the Puget Sound region:

  • (a beautiful sunset, your favorite creek or trail, your dog playing outside), an activity you are doing, or selfie of yourself with a thumbs ups or a heart (your hands making a heart).
  • You can take this photo and send it any day from now through the end of the day on Earth Day (April 22).
  • Use Instagram* to send your photo via hashtag:  #mypuget

On Earth Day your image will be part of The Big Thing!

  • We will combine all the contributed photos and mosaic them into a huge animal. What kind of an animal? It’s a secret and you will have to check online on Earth Day to see which iconic animal is being created!
  • This huge animal will be shared at “The Big Thing for Puget Sound” Digital Puget Sound and will be projected on walls in the lobbies of buildings in different locations around King County.

Not on Instragram? Here’s a guide to getting started.