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Seattle’s Building Energy Policies: Next Steps

SeattleGHGs_EnergyIn 2013, the City of Seattle adopted a Climate Action Plan (CAP) that put the City’s on a path to become a carbon-neutral community by 2050. The CAP includes ambitious targets for energy efficiency and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions and outlines a range of near-term (by 2015) and long-term (by 2030) actions to put Seattle on the path to achieving those goals.  The building sector is responsible for 33% of Seattle’s core greenhouse gas emissions. The CAP calls for an 82% reduction in building related emissions by 2050 through investments in building energy efficiency and clean energy.

The Seattle Office of Sustainability and Environment (OSE) has been tasked with developing the next steps needed to keep the City on track to achieve its energy efficiency and climate protection goals, with a particular focus on existing commercial and multifamily buildings. By reinvesting in Seattle’s building stock, we can ensure we have high performing buildings better able to respond to a changing climate, reduce owner operating expenses, maintain affordability for commercial and residential tenants, and support local green jobs.

On Thursday, August 20, in partnership with the Seattle 2030 District, OSE will staff present information on the upcoming policy recommendations and provide attendees an opportunity for input on how to best help move Seattle’s buildings towards greater efficiency and reduce GHG emissions, and achieve Seattle’s climate action goals.

Thursday, August 20th, noon – 1:30pm
Seattle Municipal Tower, 700 5th Avenue, Room 1600
Bring your lunch
RSVPs requested