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Smart Growth + Housing Affordability = Climate Action

PikePlacePeds3The choices Seattle makes today about how to grow and operate will deeply affect the health of our communities and the sustainability of our natural environment for decades to come. As a city of outstanding creativity, commitment to our neighborhoods, and appreciation of the natural environment, Seattle can set an example that can inspire others by demonstrating what a thriving, climate‐friendly, and resilient community looks like.

Seattle’s urban village strategy (as identified in Seattle 2035) along with the actions outlined as part of the Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda (HALA) are critical to achieving our goal of becoming a carbon neutral city by 2050.
The Urban Village Strategy encourages most future job and housing growth to specific areas in the city that are best able to absorb and benefit from that growth. The goal of HALA is to grow Seattle’s housing supply by 50,000 units over the next 10 year, focusing on urban centers and affordable housing. Together, these strategies will help our residents meet their daily needs without a car.

Transportation is our largest source of climate and air pollution. Nearly half of Seattle’s carbon pollution comes from passenger cars and trucks. Unless we dramatically change how we get around, we cannot meet our climate goals. It’s as simple as that.