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Up to $2,000 rebate for Oil Heated Homes!

Seattle recently launched an Oil Furnace Replacement Program to encourage homeowners to replace their oil furnace with an energy-efficient heat pump. Heat pumps provide consistent and efficient heating and cooling for year-round comfort.  Incentives in the range of $500 to $2000 are available to homeowners for ditching dirty oil.

The City of Seattle has partnered with Gensco, an HVAC distributor to implement the program and to contribute incentive dollars to match those from the City. The program continues through December 31, 2017 or until funds run out (approximately after 200-220 homes are funded).

What are the eligibility requirements?

  • Home is in the city of Seattle and is an existing single family residence (1-4 units), or townhouse. (Multifamily units and new construction do not qualify.)
  • The current primary heating source for the home is oil heat and the oil furnace is in working condition. (Residents with a non-working oil furnace do not qualify.)

More information is on:


If you have additional questions not addressed by the website, please contact Christine Bunch,, 206-615-1633.