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Getting to Know OSE’s New Interim Director, Jessyn Farrell

We sat down with new Interim OSE Director Jessyn Farrell to ask a series of questions ranging from Seattle’s climate strategy to how OSE will continue advancing climate justice all the way to what’s your favorite donut shop. We’re excited for what’s to come at OSE and Seattle and are looking forward to collaborating, but for now, join us in getting to know Jessyn’s vision and ideas for building a more equitable and united Seattle.

Former State Representative Jessyn Farrell will help OSE and the City of Seattle implement a pioneering climate agenda, elevate communities most impacted by issues of environmental justice, and help to leverage millions in state and federal funds to address the climate crisis. We are so excited to welcome Jessyn into the OSE family!  

Jessyn is a leader in building public consensus on difficult issues related to the environment, housing, transportation, and the economy. A long-time environmental advocate, Jessyn’s career has spanned the public, private, non-profit, and philanthropic sectors as a state legislator from the 46th District, Executive Director of Transportation Choices and most recently as Senior Vice President at Civic Ventures. Jessyn passed ground-breaking legislation on oil-by-rail safety, affordable housing near transit centers, education funding for low-income and homeless youth, protections for pregnant workers, and restrictions to cell-phone use while driving. She also led advocacy efforts resulting in billions of dollars in regional light rail investments. Jessyn has three kids, a dog, a cat, and is working on her first book. 

See what others have to say about Jessyn:

Bruce Harrell, Mayor of the City of Seattle

“Jessyn Farrell understands Seattle must set the example for the nation as a bold, climate-forward City that leads by partnering with underrepresented  communities too often left out,” said Mayor Harrell. “Jessyn will bring the bring the ambitious policy ideas and experience, needed collaborative approach, and vision grounded in a true commitment to environmental justice necessary to make the most of this moment and ensure a healthy Seattle environment today and for future generations.” 

Michelle Caulfield, Deputy Director, Office of Sustainability and Environment 

“It’s been my honor to step up during this time of transition and lead an incredible team dedicated to advancing climate action and environmental justice. I couldn’t be more excited to welcome — and work alongside — Jessyn Farrell, whose policy leadership and comprehensive approach to the issues in front of us will drive urgent action, help leverage state and federal funds, and take the Office of Sustainability and Environment to the next level.”