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Seattle Transportation Plan | Working with the Duwamish Valley Sustainability Association to gather feedback on addressing climate change 

Note: This game is now closed.


  • Together with young people at our community-based organization partner Duwamish Valley Sustainability Association (DVSA), with funding from the Climate Neutral Cities Alliance, we are introducing the Seattle Climate Game!
  • Using the game, you can tell us how you’d like to contribute to a sustainable Seattle.  
  • Working with DVSA is part of the development of the Seattle Transportation Plan (STP). 

In partnership with young people in the Duwamish Valley and the Duwamish Valley Sustainability Association (DVSA), we are introducing the Seattle Climate Game. Using the game, you can tell us how you’d like to contribute to a sustainable Seattle. 

Elements of the game like characters and choices you can make were designed by young people with the Duwamish Valley Sustainability Association. This summer, youth will be working to help others play the game with residents in the Duwamish Valley in libraries, at community events, and by going door-to-door. The game can be played in both Spanish and English. 

This game is a data-driven – but still super fun and sometimes silly – activity that allows people to make choices about a future Seattle, specifically focused on climate action. 

“I always knew about climate change, but it wasn’t as personal for me until the heat dome in Seattle in 2021. I saw how much the heat wave hurt my community and my family, and it was the moment that made me realize how important fighting climate change is. When we were thinking about a bad guy for the Seattle Climate Game, the heat wave was the first thing that came to mind for me”  

– Jeraldi Gonzalez, DVSA

“This is a fun game about a very serious subject. In our community in South Park and the Duwamish Valley, clean air and water is about our health, our safety, and our future. The Seattle Climate Game is a way for us to talk to more of our neighbors about climate and transportation, and is an easy way to have an important conversation. Our youth members and community helped shape the game, and we are excited to see how people respond.” 

– Edwin Hernandez Reto, Executive Director, DVSA

Your participation in this game will help inform the path Seattle takes to reducing climate emissions from transportation. 

No matter where you’re going – whether to work or school, visiting friends, running errands, going to your place of worship, or out to dinner – you should be able to do so in a way that is safe, efficient, climate-friendly, and affordable. Simply put, our transportation shapes our daily lives in many ways, and the City of Seattle is committed to making the city’s transportation system work for you. 

The game touches on many of the most critical climate and transportation justice questions – like how often we can bus, bike, or walk; electric vehicles; how to help people transition away from driving; and how to support people in taking transit as Seattle grows.  

Stay tuned for the draft Seattle Transportation Plan this summer!