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SPU Ask 1.5 Million People to Use Less Water to Stretch Region’s Water Supply

While Seattle’s regional water supply has looked good throughout the summer, SPU is asking its 1.5 million customers to voluntarily reduce their water use to help stretch our region’s water supply until there is enough rain this fall. This is a necessary step to stretch the region’s water supply until we get enough rain this fall and our water supply our water supply improves for people and fish. 

“Our hydrologic model suggests a deep drawdown of our mountain reservoirs. Water levels are already lower than average, and we are adjusting to sustain adequate water supply for our customers and the rivers this fall,” said Elizabeth Garcia, water resources planner at SPU. “We are also asking our customers to help, too, by voluntarily reducing their water use.”

Every day SPU calculates how many millions of gallons of water the region, as a whole, used that day. Then, every Monday, the Utility provides an average daily water consumption number based on the last seven days. (See SPU’s water supply conditions page for more information.) As of Monday, September 18, the region is averaging about 149 million gallons per day (mgd) of water use. This includes water consumed by City of Seattle residents and businesses, plus consumption amounts for customers who receive Seattle Water through other cities and water districts in King County. 

Top Ways to Save Water  

  • Take shorter or fewer showers 
  • Do full loads of laundry and dishwasher 
  • Stop watering your lawn  
  • Fix leaks and running toilets 

For a full list of ways to save water, visit You can also check out water-saving tips from the City of Seattle.

For more information about Seattle’s water supply conditions and additional ways to save water, please visit SPU’s At Your Service Blog,