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City of Seattle Releases Newly Updated Urban Forest Management Plan

Trees are fundamental to the character of Seattle and to our quality of life. In our rapidly changing climate, Seattle’s urban forest is an increasingly important asset, playing a critical role in mitigating climate change impacts, including heat island effects, as well as supporting Seattle’s public health, providing habitat for… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle’s Urban Forestry Commission Position Opening

The City of Seattle is looking for a new Urban Forestry Commission (UFC) member to fill Position #4. This position is for a hydrologist or similar professional, preferably with expertise in the study of natural drainage, climate or air quality, or a combination. This position is appointed by the Mayor, and… [ Keep reading ]

Did You Know: Street Trees 101

Seattle’s public rights-of-way along our streets provide an excellent opportunity to add trees to our city. Street trees can help calm traffic, give neighborhoods beauty and character, and even increase the value of homes. The City of Seattle encourages residents to plant trees along public streets. But there are some… [ Keep reading ]

Making the Most of Urban Fruit Trees

It’s late summer and that means harvest time for lots of fruit trees, including apples, pears and plums. This bounty can sometimes go to waste when fruit doesn’t get picked when it’s ripe, or there’s just too much fruit for one family to use when things ripen all at once…. [ Keep reading ]

Sat. 8/16 – Beacon Hill Volunteer Work Party

Renew our urban landscape!  Come join the Seattle Tree Ambassadors in renovating the traffic triangle at 15th Ave and Beacon Ave S. Join your neighbors and help us take the first steps towards creating a wonderful landscape that all will enjoy by helping us pick-up trash, weed, and mulch. Meet at the… [ Keep reading ]

Updated Regulations for Seattle’s Street Trees

Tree-lined streets enhance our neighborhoods and the trees provide a host of benefits to our community, such as cleaner air and water. But trees that live along streets, or the “public right of way (ROW),” require some special care and protections. On April 29, 2013, City Council approved updated code… [ Keep reading ]